Aura is a 100% Organic Enzymatic Hydrating Cellular Renewal Face Mask. Made with Organic Papaya, Raw Manuka Honey and Imported Indian Sandalwood, Id personally have to call this my all time favorite. I wanted to create a really amazing weekly face mask that would not only remove toxins from my face but wouldn’t strip it in the process. The Organic Oat Flour and Tumeric Powder provides great antioxidant qualities to Aura. The Manuka Honey hydrates and moisturizes while closing your pores and stimulating circulatory cells of the dermis. Sandalwood is such a rare and amazing treat for your skin. It removes pimples while creating the best base for your skin to heal naturally. Its the best nature has to offer. And Im super grateful to be able to share it with you all. Great for Men , Women and even kids. Teens will love this during puberty. I so wish this was around for us back then. Enjoy